School Age

Day Care To Support and Encourage School Age Children

Welcome to school age day care: the gateway to grade school and everything that comes next! Our school age programs have small class sizes and curriculums that mix learning and fun.

School age programs at Wee Care Academy, we put safety first to protect our families and staff. The health and safety of your child has never been more top-of-mind for you, and for us. Rest assured, when your child is in our program (pandemic or not) all Wee Care Academy teachers and staff are trained on health and safety practices we’ve developed to set a new standard in childcare. More resources are available here.

Individual Attention

school age day care

Our school age day care programs offer small class sizes, especially. This helps teachers adapt to each child’s learning style while keeping track of their progress with regular assessments and family-teacher conferences.

Academic Day Care Curriculum

The basic building blocks of reading, writing, math, and science are key in school age program. We, specifically, make sure they get lots of practice in all of these areas. Our curriculum is rich in science and math concepts in order to help inspire children’s natural curiosity!

Afterschool and Summer

Available every day afterschool and full time through the Summer, correspondingly, our day care has programming for all school age children.

School Age Day Care Activities We Do Together

Group Time: During the afternoon, we gather as a group to talk about the day’s events as well as any special events planned for the following day. Other activities could include a read-aloud or a song.

Afternoon Snack: They’ll have a nutritious snack like apples and seed butter.

Outdoor Play: It’s time for School Age Day Care to go outside! During this time, they might play on their own or participate in a group activity.

Activity Centers and Clean-Up: It’s time for pick-up! After a busy day together, children are given the space and time to explore and play in the activity centers on their own.