Infant Daycare

Infant Daycare, Keeping Infants Warm and Safe!

Leaving your baby in another’s infant daycare is a big step. Everyone at our center—most importantly, our naturally gifted infant teachers—will work with you to make sure the transition goes smoothly. When you step into our infant classroom, you’ll see how much we want your infant to feel safe, loved, and ready to explore their world.

Infant Daycare

At Wee Care Academy, we put safety first to protect our families and staff including infant daycare. The health and safety of your child has never been more top-of-mind for you, and for us. When your child is in our program (pandemic or not), all Wee Care Academy teachers and staff are trained on health and safety practices. This is the new standard in child care.

Free and Clear Cribs in Infant Daycare

We keep cribs clear of items like pillows and toys and use a firm mattress with a tight-fitting sheet. Initially, each crib will bear the name of your infant. Plus, they’re see-through so we can keep an eye on your little one.

Flexible Feeding Schedules to Fit Your Infant’s Needs

Whether you breastfeed or bottle-feed, in infant daycare, we’ll keep your baby fed, happy, and healthy. We have policies to carefully label and separate breast milk and formula. For this purpose, you’re welcome to stop in on a break to feed your baby! More resources are available here.

Sample Daily Rhythm for Our Infant Daycare

Daily schedules in the infant daycare program are developed to the age and abilities of the children. This includes structured and unstructured outdoor time, every day, and at least two large blocks of time for child-directed learning. For example, these include Morning and Afternoon Group Time, Small-Group Activities, Morning and afternoon child-directed learning in learning centers, Outdoor play and activities, Snack and meals, and Rest time.

Sample Activities We Do Together

Group time: We come together to sing songs, read books, and discover new things about the world!

Cuddle time: Children in our infant daycare classrooms get lots of one-on-one time with teachers.

Outdoor play: Every day, weather permitting, even infants go outside into the fresh air to explore nature.

We follow your infant’s natural rhythm: Your infant spends their day with us based on their natural rhythm at home.