Preschool, Where We Get Them Ready for What Comes Next!

This age is all about expression! This is the time when kids really start to form their own ideas about what they want. This includes how to play and how they want to create. Every day in our preschool classroom, your child will explore science experiments, create artwork, and play pretend. These are all the skills especially needed for their big next step: kindergarten!

Preschool at Wee Care Academy, we put safety first to protect our families and staff. The health and safety of your child has never been more top-of-mind for you, and for us. Rest assured, when your child is in our program (pandemic or not) all Wee Care Academy teachers and staff are trained on health and safety practices we’ve developed to set a new standard in child care. More resources are available here.


Open-Ended Preschool Questions

As your preschool child moves through their day, they’ll hear a lot of open-ended questions. For example, instead of saying, “Paint your flower petals with red and yellow,” we might ask, “What color would you paint your flower?”

It’s a small change that makes a big difference in building your child’s confidence.

Preschoolers Plays Their Own Way

Not surprisingly, for much of the day, kids create, play, pretend, and express themselves their way! This kind of independent play builds critical thinking skills, self-reliance, and confidence for life.

Inside a Preschooler’s Day

Our caring teachers set a daily rhythm for preschool. It consists of group time, story time, outdoor play, meals and snacks, and naps. Correspondingly, lots of unstructured playtime is key.

Preschool Activities We Do Together

Group time: The real start to our day begins when we come together as a group to welcome each other and talk briefly about the day’s planned events. We will also do things like read a book out loud or sing a song!

Activity Center: Preschool activity centers are an important part of our classrooms, and usually involve small-group activities. Your child will do things like play with blocks, experiment with creative arts, engage in dramatic play, read, do age-appropriate math or science activities, or write.

Morning Snack: They’ll have a healthy snack like carrots and hummus or cheese and crackers.

Outdoor play: It’s time to go outside! Mostly little ones play on their own, using their imaginations. Outdoor time can also be part of our daily themed activity.

Lunch: Time to wash our hands, help set tables, and get ready to eat lunch!

Rest Time: Ssshh … it’s quiet time. Many children will nap, but as they wake up (or if they never quite get to sleep), they can select different quiet activities, such as looking at books or drawing.

Group Time: Every afternoon, we gather as a group to talk about the day’s events as well as any special events planned for the following day. Other activities could include a read-aloud or a song.

Afternoon Snack: They’ll have a nutritious snack like apples and seed butter.

Outdoor Play: It’s time for Preschool to go outside again! During this time, they might play on their own or participate in a group activity.

Activity Centers and Clean-Up: It’s time for pick-up! After a busy day together, children are given the space and time to explore and play in the activity centers on their own.